• Mila


    As the King’s daughter, Mila has spent all her life experiencing the world only through her vast collection of books. Filled with self-esteem and intelligence, this princess can’t envision a life through an arranged marriage, so naturally she rebels toward her unruly and unrelenting father. It isn’t until the time when true love comes calling that she dreams of living her life as she’s meant to live it – and on her terms.

  • Ruslan


    A travelling bard of minimal class distinction, all his worldly possessions can fit in a cart while performing from town to town. He often plays valiant characters and brings their traits into his personality while entertaining for the people. Ruslan has a moral compass that is second to none and often finds himself rescuing his travelling show of actors from extinction.

  • Chоrnomor


    Chоrnomor is a wicked sorcerer and evil magician. He hides in a huge castle hidden in the depths of Wonderland, and one can only get there via a secret portal guarded by a wizened, double-dealing cat. One of his weaknesses is that he needs to replenish his magical power in ways that aren’t always easy to obtain; to do this, he kidnaps fair maidens and takes their vital energy through a dramatic ritual that turns them into stone.

  • Hamster


    Plump and simple-minded, he has the appearance of a total wimp but when the reward is food related, we see he is full of ingenuity and determination. Once his appetite is satiated, Hamster is kind and loving – albeit a little unrelenting according to his playful nemesis Titmouse Una.

  • Titmouse Una

    Titmouse Una

    Titmouse Una is a coy female with a quick-to-fire temper. As a friend and teammate of Ruslan, she can be equal parts rational and irrational all at once, often playing bigger than what is safe (or wise) for her own good.

  • Cat


  • Nestor


  • Fin


  • King of Kievan Rus' Volodymyr

    King of Kievan Rus' Volodymyr